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At KarpeDium we define strategy as the road map of an organization, the expression of how it intends to operate in a dynamic environment providing orientation for goal setting and decision-making. We believe that Strategic Planning is not only critical to the success of any organization but also provides a road-map of where it wants to go and the route it will take to get there. Success in this effort comes by defining strategy that is achievable and measurable, and is linked to business plans and budgets.
Our strategy practice aims at assisting our clients to gain competitive advantage, to define actions aimed directly at altering the strength of the enterprise relative to that of its competitors. Our Strategic intent results from the continuous application and interaction of our DIMVAC framework, fundamental skills - Define Identify Measure Value Analyze & Control the essential elements and drivers of the business.
In our formal strategic planning process we help management to look at their organization as an integrated whole rather than planning separately for each component of the business. We assist in defining objectives of engagement, such as market share, profits, etc. to help create a scale of priority and urgency. Through the experience, knowledge and intuition of managers, combined with our framework for systematic collection and evaluation of data, there is a sharper focus on what lies ahead for the organization.
We help clients define the "As Is" state, the "To Be" desired state and the entire journey to bridge the GAP between the current and the future using a Road map that defines Architecture- Routines- Culture- Best Practices - Incentives & Coordination framework.
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