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What threatens the stability and financial security of the Infrastructure industry is not funding, but the problems of distributing and allocating, risks inherent in the development, construction and operational processes, among the value chain and stakeholders ... Underlying this subject is the viability of the Project ... The Project cannot attract and sustain investments unless the risks are forthrightly recognized and acknowledged, and the various contracting parties assume under the contract, without ambiguity, their respective portions of the risk.
Jack Hughes, Partner Karpedium
At Karpedium, Risk Management is the backbone of our client engagement. We assist our clients to identify risks associated with, all policy and investment options related to Capital Projects, including strategic and tactical choices. Our Consultants assist clients at early stages of a project lifecycle to identify each risk and to make an initial assessment of its acceptability. Our objective at this stage is to enable the best option to be selected. However, at this stage if the client needs a more comprehensive Risk Management Plan we help assess Risk in more detail and develop contingency plans.
Our Risk management practice involves :
Identifying and assessing the risks in terms of impact and probability
Establishing and maintaining a joint risk register, agreed by the integrated project team
ensuring that members of the team have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue that will promote agreement of an appropriate allocation of risk
establishing procedures for actively managing and monitoring risks throughout the project and during occupation on completion
updating risk information throughout the life of the project
ensuring control of risks by planning how risks are to be managed through the life of the project to contain them within acceptable limits
Allocating responsibility for managing each risk with the party best able to do so.
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