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When planning the delivery of a new Project Program initiative we help you to consider the resources required, be they from: your organization, your partners, your advisors, your suppliers or their suppliers.
The main resources that need to be planned are the: -
  • Funding that is required to deliver the policy initiative;
  • People that are required to develop the policy, manage the development and operate and systems that result from the project delivery;
  • Processes/Facilities, required, both during the delivery and operation phases;
  • Tools that will be required to deliver the policy;
  • Technology that will be required to enable the effective operation of the policy.
Our objectives in delivery planning are to initiate a program or project to achieve the outcomes our client wants; this may be delivery of a policy requirement or implementation of a major change to the Project and might involve a collaborative outcome from the entire supply chain.
We make sure that the Program can be delivered as part of the current and planned commitments of the entire supply chain. Options for delivery are explored to identify an acceptable mix of cost, benefit and risk to deliver the required outcomes; The current priorities relating to the Owner's organization program portfolio are revisited which helps to prioritize selected programs (each with their own priorities) in the updated portfolio.
Our Delivery Plan includes

1. Model of causation , what is likely to achieve an outcome
2. Model of what works and who will deliver it and on whose behalf
3. Delivery Road Map Entire Scope defined into sub tasks and activities with each task associated with a resource, a decision map and aligned goals and objectives that help sustain performance according to defined parameters. Each of these tasks is then linked to a deliverable which in turn is linked to roles and responsibilities of each player in the entire supply chain.

Thus our Delivery ROADMAP is a snapshot overview of WHAT, HOW, WHEN & WHO including all value drivers in the Project Delivery.
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