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Evidence of the large and growing gap between infrastructure needs and the resources that governments have historically invested, in meeting those needs is everywhere in every country. The public-private partnerships (PPPs or P3's) have emerged as one of the most important delivery modes, governments worldwide have adopted, to close the infrastructure gap without increasing their budgetary deficits.
While PPPs hold significant benefits, they also present formidable challenges, due to vastly different degrees of understanding and sophistication in using partnership models on top of the backend institutional redesign of government policy and legislative frameworks.
The goal of our PPP practice to provide a roadmap for our public sector clients at all stages of PPP development, showing them how to move up the maturity curve and take public-private partnerships to the next stage.
We assist our public sector clients to establish policy centers with a strategic objective to review and analyze usage of PPP/P3 as a viable infrastructure project procurement and delivery system. Our focus is to build client competency in PPP understanding to create a healthy value added market place.
We help them to create sophisticated models to assess whole lifecycle viability of critical Greenfield and Brownfield Infrastructure projects.
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