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We at Karpedium believe - You cannot control what you cannot analyze, you cannot analyze what you cannot verify, you cannot verify what you cannot measure, you cannot measure what you cannot improve and you cannot improve what you cannot define.
Our value proposition to our clients emanates from our ability to define and structure their projects with respect to a clear, unambiguous and accountable definition of:
We bring global best practices, data and verifiable knowledge set to the table.
We also bring the ability to provide a knowledge based solution set to the Owners who can then make an informed decision earlier on in the process.
We provide a comprehensive range of services from Project Viability to commissioning and hence can effectively map the risk and delivery framework at the onset. Our ability to capture key drivers earlier on and the ability to project a verifiable SBSSQ framework to the client, assists them in defining the parameters of success early on.
Our international experience and exposure to some of the complex project in Infrastructure and realty space and our global supply chain and professional relationships with key Architect/engineering firms, suppliers, OEM’s and specialty contractors.
We are a process and procedure oriented firm which follows industry best practices, with a significant localization with the Indian market and its nuances.
Highly ethical and dedicated to the success of the project
Our IT infrastructure and project management tools help us to transcend remote location delivery.
We offer dedicated teams to each client and each project.
Our hiring strategy aims to bring the best talent that can understand and imbibe the essence of our internal and project methodologies.
Accountable for the success and failure of a Project
Our top management has delivered more than $6B worth of diverse infrastructure and real estate projects globally and bring more than 100 years of collective industry experience.
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