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Even though the Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) Industry has undertaken radical structural changes and product improvements in recent years, it still remains largely configured around the traditional delivery model in which trades people, professionals, contractors and clients work in short-term, low-bid contractual arrangements that entail high financial risk and a propensity for litigation.
To remain operationally efficient and competitive in today's global markets, the construction process has to incorporate and internalize four interrelated aspects:
Develop an innovation-based culture
Cope with societal and environmental pressures to reduce waste and minimize the use of raw materials
Deal with enduring market demands (such as failing infrastructure, aging population, sustainability and concerns over indoor air quality), and
Manage risk and the increasing cost of insurance
A projected outcome will be the development of significant strategic partnership arrangements to share risk and rewards throughout project supply chains. In return it would help Owners of Capital assets to:
Increase PREDICTABITY, PROFITABILTY and PRODUCTIVITY. This leads to a greater ROI to the investor base, which in turn attracts more capital, which in turn creates a perpetual cycle of productivity gains for the wider economy due to a better performing, efficient and modern infrastructure base for the world economy.
To read more download  our paper on Why Rethinking Construction.

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