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Karpedium is the place you turn to, when you face complex matters that demand extraordinary combinations of financial, technical, and industry expertise. Our Capital Projects Advisory provides specialized resources to assist our client’s efforts to improve the Planning, Execution and Delivery of capital projects and help meet their business and strategic objectives. Our team consists of professionals with a full lifecycle industry experience across functional lines and armed with advanced cross functional degrees in engineering, architecture, business, accounting and law.
Our iterative process encompasses :
Technical analysis—to determine the cost of service;
Detailed Risk Analysis and mitigation roadmap
Market and social research—to determine what people are willing and able to pay for certain service levels;
Financial analysis and modeling—to determine the budget required to support the desired coverage targets and service levels for both Hard and Soft costs
Stakeholder consultation and trade-offs—to agree on any transitional roles and conflicting incentives
Contract Structuring to assist in clear definition of SBSQS metrics and define explicit details on the targets, acceptable procedures of measuring performance results, and the reporting regime.
Common offerings include :
  • Project Roadmap Development
  • Risk Management & Appraisal
  • Project Execution and Delivery Plan
  • Capital Project Process Improvement
  • Construction Cost and Project Control Assessments
  • Capital Project Audit & Governance
  • 3rd party independent project appraisal
  • Post Implementation Review and Performance Analytics
Our advisory services include
Project appraisal and due diligence
Project finance
Project lifecycle planning
Risk & value analysis
Public private partnership /p3 advisory
Project Appraisal
Project Finance
Project lifecycle planning
Risk & Value Analysis
PPP /P3 Advisory

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